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[2020] What can a body do? by Amalia Herrera [English] :: Article written during the pandemic for Imaginate Blog. Imaginate is the national organisation in Scotland, which promotes, develops and celebrates theater and dance for children and young people. [download pdf]

[2019] Amalia Herrera – Azul on CCHA / Bélgica :: Artistic residence for the creation of “Azul” (blue), work for young audiences held in Het Lab, Hasselt, Belgium in CCHA.

[2018] What’s On Stage- Magazine Dance For You / Europa [Dutch] :: Dance magazine program folder, presenting shows in various countries of Europe. On the reserved part to The Netherlands, the presentation of “What Comes from the River” is mentioned, at the Aan Het Vrijthof Ainsi, in Maastricht. [download pdf]

[2018] Lead artist – Amalia Herrera (Belgium, Migration Lab) / Blog Imaginate [English] :: About the Performance “What comes from the river” when it was in the process of creation, as a member of the artistic laboratory carried out in Dublin by the Push project of Creative Europe, 2018. [download pdf]

[2017] CoLABoratorio DNA Intercambiar la inspiración.  El Centro Huarte acoge, en colaboración con el DNA, la residencia de siete artistas locales e internacionales, que durante cinco semanas comparten tiempo y lugar para generar procesos de los que surgirán acciones performáticas. [Spanish] “CoLABoratorio DNA Exchange inspiration. The Huarte Center hosts, in collaboration with DNA, the residency of seven local and international artists, who for five weeks share time and place to generate processes from which will emerge performative actions”. Article by Ana Jiménez for Diario de Noticias de Navarra. [download pdf]

[2017] La emancipación en el camino educativo para la formación artística en la danza y en el teatro, por Amalia Herrera Moreno [en pdf] [Spanish] :: “Emancipation in the educational path for artistic training in dance and theater”- publication of an article on Artistic Education in the Interdisciplinary Journal of Reflection and Educational Experience Convocación, Montevideo.

[2014] Colégio Cruzeiro: Turma do TICC apresenta peça “As Duas Irmãs” [Portuguese] :: Presentation of theater for children within the groups that I gave theater classes at the Cruzeiro College of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2014. [download pdf ]

[2013] “Graciela Figueroa: a dança com amor”, por Amalia Herrera (resumen) [Spanish] :: “Graciela Figueroa: the dance with love”. Approaches to the study of dance in Uruguay Presentation at the University of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay -UDELAR [download pdf]

[2011] O Conceito de movimento no ser em Graciela Figueroa [Portuguese] :: “The concept of movement in the being”, published at Center for Arts and Arts – CLA Postgraduate Program in Performing Arts – PPGAC XIV PPGAC Colloquium 2011 UFRJ (FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF THE STATE OF RIO DE JANEIRO (UNIRIO) [download pdf]

[2009] Segundo encuentro del curso Docencia y Danza en la Universidad [Spanish] :: What does it mean to graduate in dance at the University? Presentation about the dance career at the University at the University of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay – UDELAR