[2016] PAR/ Montevideo,UY

PAR has been developed in Montevideo since 2010, its main objective is to support and promote research and creation in contemporary performing arts.

The program is committed to the creation of a network of artists and national and foreign institutions to energize the local environment and promote the development of culture in Uruguay.

Links: http://www.par.org.uy

2016 | RN5 Lucía Fernández, Amalia Herrera, Noelia Beltrán (UY)

The creation of a network of artists who create an exchange platform, using choreographic composition as an integrating tool contributes to the development of art.

The exchange and multiculturalism of the Artists in Residence Program | PAR, broadens horizons, generates new links and learning networks, apart from helping to overcome some existing obstacles in our environment of artistic creation, education and production.