[2017] Encierro y Río Arga

Intervention as irruption, detained look, pause, silence, listening and sensitivity with what the space wanted to tell me, give me in actions and affections.

I made these interventions in  two chosen spaces in the warm green city of Pamplona that has received me with a lot of memories, murmurs, shouts, songs, dances, secrets and sounds. I breathed these stories that seemed familiar and unknown to me in my history as a woman, artist, dancer, actress, educator, citizen, urban, animal, river, sea, plain, mountain, starry sky and accents that connect ways of seeing where we are human creators …

Amalia Herrera, 2017.

CoLaboratorio / DNA Festival / Huarte Center

Pamplona, Spain

Soto of the washerwomen. Action on the Arga River. Next to the river / washerwomen.

The work of the laundresses was one of the most common among women during the 19th and early 20th centuries. It was also one of the hardest. Along the various laundries located on the banks of the River Arga, the women, in many cases with the help of their young daughters, washed their clothes kneeling on an empty sack folded inside a box of sardines and then hung them on the clotheslines.

             (Text for action)

From those days I always remember first the turns in a boat around a small island of plants. Every so often they were changed; but there the plants did not get along. Then I resigned myself to waiting for the words that would come to me from that world, almost mute, with its back to me and slipping away. Water is the same everywhere and I must cultivate my memories in any water in the world”.