[2019] HETLAB/Hasselt,BE

The performance Azul was the result of my residency in the city of Hasselt, Belgium at HET LAB where I worked on the concept of immigration, integration, adaptation to speaking, thinking, feeling, expressing ourselves in different languages that are not those that allow us to express deeper states .

How do we learn from these experiences? Are they about adaptation or resistance?

This performance was presented at the Krokus Festival in the same city in 2019.

Azul lives now  in a “different” country.

But how do the memories and stories of her country, her family and friends adhere to her?

And what about all those stories of all the intermediate stations on the long journey? A backpack full of memories, movements and languages. But who is Azul really?

Theater/dance performance • Concept and creation: Amalia Herrera • Music: Tango Uno, by Enrique Santos Discépolo / Mariano Mores, La Llorona by Natalia Lafarcoude • Dramaturgy: Gerhard Verfaillie • Coproduction HET LAB, Hasselt, Belgium