[2023] Lila

In this performance, the dancer Amalia Herrera presents us with a tribute to all those women who build us.

“When I found out that my grandmother had left, I wanted to run to hug something that would remind me of the immensity that she gathered from her when I used to hug her. It was raining a lot and she was on the other side of the ocean, it was impossible to get to touch her body before delivering her to the earth as she wanted to be received.

The first thing I did was run to my patio in the rain and go to touch the earth, squeeze it, caress it and feel her hand squeezing mine.

Her garden is full of plants, trees, seeds, buds, births, transformations, memories, games, stories, secrets, tears, love. It is the patio of my grandmother’s house that I needed to dance to say goodbye to her in her favorite place, where I played all my childhood.

I said goodbye to her with hugs to hers, her plants, teachings of the earth that infinitely transforms and replants us because we inhabit it earthly.

With my grandmother Lila I learned the strength of silence that she plants, feeds, resists, and sprouts in figs, pears, oranges, medlars, pumpkins, onions, chard, carrots, garlic, and herbs.

The herbs were to heal us, to think, to share and discover.She knew all about the power of herbs passed down by other women of her lineage”.

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