[2011] Puente en Construção

this world is unfinished

Here, beyond the bridge

there is continuity .. “

Concept and direction: Amalia Herrera

Performers on stage: Vivian Vieira – Ignacio Aldunate – Amalia Herrera

In this work we discuss the concept of a bridge in the creation process, in ourselves as artists and in the construction of views through concepts in the scene. About this possibility of always being on the move, going, coming back, without knowing where this journey begins and ends; but that is like a bridge available to walk, observe, build …

“Passing by, passing by. Connections between at least two sides.

The between, the place of transition, the non-place, the place after the place and before the place.

The moment that thinks about the next moment and often also about the previous one.

What if I wonder about the present? Is there a present? Or are we always thinking about the next step or the previous one?

On the other hand, we can think of the bridge as the place that contains both sides.

Part of its pillars are on the sides that do not touch, except through it.

This third space, which contains the other two, is the bridge.

It is not only the step, it is also the permanence, it is the only one that does not move, it is the one that makes the movement of others possible, the support.

The bridge knows both sides well. It is privileged and knows here and there, before and after, it is before and after, there and here.

But at the same time, it will never be able to feel in all its skin, in its whole body, in all its structure, neither the there nor the here, neither the past nor the future.

Always, despite being the union, it will be divided.

Your present will always be in the air, suspended.

Like a foreigner “

Ignacio Aldunate
performer and dancer of the show

Direction and interpretation in the show “Puente em construção”, with Vivian Vieira (Brazil) and Ignacio Aldunate (Chile-Brazil), presented at Cacilda Becker Theatre, and awarded by Iberescena Uruguay. 2011