Pilates workshops

The purpose of my classes is to stimulate movement of the body, to improve coordination, flexibility of the muscles and to work on gaining power and resistance.

I will guide you in discovering the harmony within your body, along with helping the relief of stress; this will give you pleasure in controlling your movements and thus bring joy to your life.

You are welcome to know more about my classes and what times suits you best. At my place or through online classes. Feel free to contact me.

In my personal experience, this method has given me greater awareness and balance in the execution of the exercises and artistic works.

I gained my bachelor’s degree in Art Education at the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, (BR) qualifying as a teacher of contemporary dance and body awareness.

After completing my master’s degree in Art Education, Theater and Dance in Rio de Janeiro, I approached various somatic practices with the intention of continuing to train and improve my bodily performances in a harmonious and conscious way. I was also involved in various research on body exercises that would allow me to achieve a greater awareness of the execution of movements during my dance and theater classes as well as in my own compositions.

I worked in various workshops in Montevideo (1990 -2009) and Rio de Janeiro (1996-2014) on techniques such as Release, Flying Low, Limon, Yoga, Pilates, body mime, and physical theater along with working on an analysis of the movement of Laban, Feldenkrais and the Alexander Technique. I graduated in the Pilates method at the Zen Pilates Studio in Rio de Janeiro (2011). From there I have worked in training, classes, and personal training on this method of physical conditioning. I practise this method daily and I give classes online and in person. I constantly observe how it improves the performance, strength, flexibility, harmony, and well-being of the people who practise the Pilates method.

Pilates online

Short video of some exercises from the on-line Pilates classes, 2020.

Personal Training

Dance Saturday (improvisation at home)