[2021] Enabling imaginary possibilities in space/ Montevideo, UY

“Enabling imaginary possibilities in space” live arts workshop (dance theater) that I had the pleasure of guiding at the Florencio Sánchez Cultural Center and La Casa de la Pólvora in the Cerro de Montevideo neighborhood from September to December 2021.

Both spaces invited me to explore it with its history, with the body, voice, dance, sensitivity, poetry. To which were added the experiences that each participant brought with their practices, their questions that sought a creative exploration of exchange of artistic tools and languages to this social artistic educational process that I had the joy of participating in.

We composed fragments of scenes constructed from dramaturgical exercises for theater dance allowing us to express the different impulses that led them to move, write, dance, say, think without claiming a conclusion in a show, but a relationship of creation.

At this time I sought to expose different creative possibilities, to know how we perceive the world, others, sensibilities, ways of looking, observing with the intention of creating and respecting the moment that each participant is in.