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Graciela Figueroa, dancing with love”

When movement and work about yourself are dance

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… for me the most complete is when the artist I work with is open and integrated to know all parts of his/her being, not just his/her body. That is what comes to me the most … and this essence is represented in the body, these sources are in the body, they make life, they make love, they make light, intelligence … and these are the sources that we work in Espacio de Desarrollo Armónico in Montevideo, in dance … These three sources, for example, to put this idea in a simple way, are represented in the body, in the pelvis, the most muscular, in the chest, love, and, in the head, the most nervous … ….love; it is about love for yourself, about love for your neighbor and love for something greater that unifies everything. This work seeks to be balanced … although; each one has a personal facility, some, to the emotional, others, to the technique or; thinking, but for us the interesting thing is that they develop all the others … then it is important to work in a group that gives this possibility of transformation, growth and a happier life for the person… (GRACIELA FIGUEROA, trad. da author, 2012)

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ISBN-13: 978-3-639-89818-7

ISBN-10: 3639898184

EAN: 9783639898187

Language of the book: Portuguese

By (author): Amalia Herrera

Number of pages: 124

Posted in: 10/24/2013

Category: Art