[2020] Resilience

We made this homemade video for a festival whose theme was Resilience. So we think of our resilience as immigrant artists. Especially how challenging it is when we show ourselves as artists in survival jobs or opportunities for which we apparently do not meet the requirements.

Reinvendanczas- Dance, video, and poetry are just some of the elements that this group of friends found to overcome the geographical distance and create art collectively.

This project emerged from our long-distance conversations. With André De Angelis, artist, teacher, director, creator, restless creative mind and friend of the soul. We also wanted to gather elements that we are interested in changing in our creations.

Performance: André de Angelis (Toronto, CA) @andredeangeliss (Instagram) & Amalia Herrera (Maastricht, NL) @amaliazulada (Instagram) • Voice: Amalia Herrera @amaliazulada (Instagram) • Editing: André de Angelis @andredeangeliss (Instagram)